Monthly Archives: March 2013

Time to bring out the big guns

Its only a week to the election so it’s time to break out the big guns. If elected WARP will:

  • Build shit loads of railways;
  • Build a canal to bring water down from the Kimberley, or Indonesia if you like, or perhaps we’ll tow a few icebergs up from the South Pole;
  • Build a spaceship to take people to Mars;
  • Build a space station on Mars so said people don’t immediately die on arrival;
  • Build a replica of the Starship Enterprise;
  • Send people out into space to boldy go where nobody has gone before, and maybe even come back;
  • Bring about world peace through a platform of graft and corruption;
  • Basically, we’ll do whatever you like if you vote for us;
  • We’re not even above buying your vote – just tell us what it costs…
  • Please vote for us!