WARP navel gazes, releases new policies

Okay then, we’re getting into this WA Senate election lark. After our previous post we went away and did some navel-gazing. Unfortunately all we saw was a bit of belly-button fluff. Once that was removed, it was time to devise some more cutting edge policies! We thought – what would be ban if we were elected (or could be bothered to stand for election). So here goes

WARP is committed to the following actions when it gains its rightful place in the Senate:

– Ban all loud people on public transport (you know who you are!)
– Ban all right-angles from architecture – this will make buildings far more aesthetically pleasing.
– Ban all swear-words. We acknowledge this may cause tension, so as the word MUTTOCKS! will be permissible as a replacement.
– Ban all cooking and home renovation programmes from TV. These will be replaced by live feeds showing grass growing and paint drying. Nobody will notice the difference.
– Ban all political parties that persist in taking the piss out of the public with disingenuous statements, 3-word slogans, by stabbing leaders in the back, wasting time with petty political games when there’s a country that needs running, and also making vacuous policy statements.

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