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Western Australian Revolutionary Party (WARP) Policy Platform

Even more relevant today…WAXIT!,,

Western Australian Revolutionary Party

The Western Australian Revolutionary Party (WARP) will stand for the interests of all Western Australians, whether they like it or not. We are particularly  keen on appealing to the right-thinking silent majority, because it stands to reason that it would be un-Westralian not to appeal to these people, although we have as yet not defined what being un-Westralian actually means. There are a number of key policies that form a platform on which we will run to get the state up to WARP speed.

To make sure it understands the electorate’s needs, WARP will guarantee that it will walk a mile in everybody’s shoes. To ensure this is possible the party will begin a campaign of doorknocking to ascertain the shoe size of everybody in WA. Once this has been done, we will send an appropriately sized party member to your door, equipped with a properly calibrated pedometer and borrow your shoes for…

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